we have everything you need to get in shape and stay in shape in 2023

Empowering the busy, modern-day woman to achieve her dream physique without restriction, overwhelm or sacrificing life

Think you’re looking for a personal trainer?

Exercise is very important but if you are looking to lose weight or tone up, it is not the most critical factor 

This is why the coaching club is the answer to your physique frustrations: we are the whole package

If you’ve had a personal trainer or done a diet before and you’ve not sustained the results, you are amongst the other 80%

Both of these methods are great for short-term results and if you are sick of reaching a goal and then reverting back to the start point or worse within a matter of months, we are the programme for you 

We are interested ONLY in long-term results, we will teach you to be fully independent and autonomous with nutrition management, training and lifestyle management

You will never need a personal trainer, diet or coach ever again

what makes us different...

The Coaching Club is designed for the busy, modern-day woman that has spent years prioritising career, family and friends and as a result, has ended up bottom of the priority pile, out of shape, unhealthy and tired.

We believe in getting fast results and because we are not just personal training, our results are fast AND sustainable.

Our three success metrics inside the club are Mental Resilience, Peak Physique and Inspirational Life…

Our lives are a product of our behaviours, which are driven by our thoughts and this is why we have a strong focus on improving your mental resilience. We can’t help to lighten the load of life, but we can help enhance your capacity to handle life better. 

While many other programmes prescribe blanket plans with no real consideration of your personal life demands, time commitments and ability to manage the perfect amount of whelm for you in any given moment, we believe in meeting you exactly where you’re at.

All of our programmes are bespoke, and everything you receive has been created solely for you, this is why our results are world-class! Managing expectations is hugely important for consistency and long-term success. Asking you to overdeliver with unrealistic time frames is the fastest way to send you right into overwhelm and failure… so let’s not do that.


Within the ‘Inspirational Lifestyle’ department of the CC, we teach you how to get more assertive, set stronger boundaries, create a better work-life balance and add yourself into the mix, so that you can finally start consistently working on your greatest project to date… project YOU!

The main area of The CC is focused on your physique. Our promise is we will give you everything you need to get into peak physical condition, whether that be dropping 2 dress sizes or training for a marathon… we cover everything from intelligent and easily implementable nutrition to bespoke training programmes, plug-and-play hacks for rest and recovery and so much more.

If you are a busy female, who knows she’s capable of more, who’s given so much of herself to her career/family and has decided enough is enough…The CC is the place for you… as long as you seek lifelong changes, instead of quick fixes and you want to treat yourself as a whole, operating from the ‘Health First’ perspective, instead of neglecting health while on a mission to lose a few lbs!


My name is Sasha Buy and I am the founder of the Coaching Club which was established in November 2020.

Women love to work with me as I am committed to growth, and I am obsessed with becoming my absolute best while learning to undo any negative loops and cycles which I’ve picked up in life so far.

I believe every woman on this planet has the ability to live a life where she’s thriving in her career and at home BUT NOT AT THE COST OF HERSELF. 

People pleasing, striving at the cost of self and leaving yourself royally at the bottom of the priority pile are all cycles I have spent years and years going through, and fundamentally, that is why the CC was created.

I was a personal trainer for over 10 years and although my results were very good, I knew I could help more. 

I wanted to address the reasons why we don’t value ourselves in living a life with high standards. 

I wanted to help women to understand their food behaviours. 

I am committed to helping break down generational & societal norms that dictate that everything falls on the modern-day woman’s shoulders, and that is why she is absolutely frazzled!

Not anymore. 

That is what we stand against, ladies. We stand against the societal norms that leave us battling against unfair expectations.

We stand against ridiculous diets that create false hope and leave you coming crashing down in a matter of weeks after you’ve reached your goal weight (if you even get there).

We stand against striving at the cost of self.

We stand against getting to our next milestone birthday looking back with a lump in our throat, seriously regretting what we didn’t do and how much life we missed thanks to coexisting at the bottom of the priority pile. 

The change, the future, and the fresh start… Start now. 


“You need to invest in yourself to achieve”


“I’m now more comfortable, approachable, relaxed & fun”


“I should have joined sooner without a doubt”


“I have less fear & realised how much I love to develop”


Our Results...


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The health first approach

You need a personal trainer?

You need a personal trainer?

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different?