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Exercise is very important but if you are looking to lose weight or tone up, it is not the most critical factor. 

This is why the coaching club is the answer to your physique frustrations: we are the whole package.

If you’ve had a personal trainer or done a diet before and you’ve not sustained the results, you are amongst the other 80%.

Both of these methods are great for short-term results and if you are sick of reaching a goal and then reverting back to the start point or worse within a matter of months, we are the programme for you. 

We are interested ONLY in long-term results, we will teach you to be fully independent and autonomous with nutrition management, training and lifestyle management.

You will never need a personal trainer, diet or coach ever again.

what makes us different...

The Coaching Club is designed for the busy, modern-day woman that has spent years prioritising career, family and friends and as a result, has ended up bottom of the priority pile, out of shape, unhealthy and tired.

We believe in getting fast results and because we are not just personal training, our results are fast AND sustainable.

Our three success metrics inside the club are Mental Resilience, Peak Physique and Inspirational Life…

Our lives are a product of our behaviours, which are driven by our thoughts and this is why we have a strong focus on improving your mental resilience. We can’t help to lighten the load of life, but we can help enhance your capacity to handle life better. 

While many other programmes prescribe blanket plans with no real consideration of your personal life demands, time commitments and ability to manage the perfect amount of whelm for you in any given moment, we believe in meeting you exactly where you’re at.

All of our programmes are bespoke, and everything you receive has been created solely for you, this is why our results are world-class! Managing expectations is hugely important for consistency and long-term success. Asking you to overdeliver with unrealistic time frames is the fastest way to send you right into overwhelm and failure… so let’s not do that.

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sam jones

"Having a coach changed everything!"

“At the beginning I didn’t know what I needed, I just desperately wanted to feel good, so to begin with we set myself some tangible goals driven by fat loss. The biggest shift for me throughout this process was mindset, something which I do not believe I would get from anything else other than a coach. Sasha does not do the work for you, you have to show up for yourself, and put the work in, but you are guided by questions, by education.”

What's included?




Tailored nutrition guidance and accountability

Personalised workout programme

Access to our signature Success System

1:1 message support with the team

Access to our exclusive, vibrant and supportive community

Live online webinars – 2x / week

Live in-person events – 3x / year

1:1 call access with one of the team coaches

1:1 call access to founder, Sasha

Our Transformations...


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Within the ‘Inspirational Lifestyle’ department of the CC, we teach you how to get more assertive, set stronger boundaries, create a better work-life balance and add yourself into the mix, so that you can finally start consistently working on your greatest project to date… project YOU!

The main area of The CC is focused on your physique. Our promise is we will give you everything you need to get into peak physical condition, whether that be dropping 2 dress sizes or training for a marathon… we cover everything from intelligent and easily implementable nutrition to bespoke training programmes, plug-and-play hacks for rest and recovery and so much more.

If you are a busy female, who knows she’s capable of more, who’s given so much of herself to her career/family and has decided enough is enough…The CC is the place for you… as long as you seek lifelong changes, instead of quick fixes and you want to treat yourself as a whole, operating from the ‘Health First’ perspective, instead of neglecting health while on a mission to lose a few lbs!


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“I’m now more comfortable, approachable, relaxed & fun”


“I should have joined sooner without a doubt”


“I have less fear & realised how much I love to develop”


gain access to our range of free resources below...

These free resources are aimed at optimising your health and wellness journey. Gain access to a comprehensive list of ebooks, guides and how-tos from setting goals, to seamlessly transitioning from high-calorie foods to their lower calorie alternatives.

These resources are to provide you with the tools necessary for tracking progress and staying motivated along the way.

frequently asked questions

We work fully online with clients worldwide. We currently have clients in multiple countries worldwide.

As we are online we provide our clients full support daily to coach them on nutrition, workouts, mindset etc and provide support/accountability around the clock which far exceeds the one-hour support weekly you get attending an in-person personal training session or class.

No – the vast majority of our clients actually train from home with a large percentage of them using minimal equipment. As each programme is tailored around what equipment if any you have access to it doesn’t make any difference if you train at home or in a gym.

We provide our clients with template meal plans to help give them breakfast ideas, quick dinner plans etc. But we educate our clients on how to eat healthy without relying on a meal plan. Because if you rely on a set meal plan to see results what will happen when you leave the programme? You will fall off track again.

So although we give meal plans to help in the beginning we educate all our clients on how to eat freely each day without following some copy-and-paste meal plan we see all over the internet these days. The idea of our programme is to teach you how to lead a healthy lifestyle for LIFE, not just to achieve a result and then bounce back after.

A quarter of our clients are over the age of 50 and still get incredible results. Age is just a number and this programme will be tailored fully to you, your life and your circumstances.

  • Walk side by side through the whole journey with an expert coach
  • 1-1 coach for UNLIMITED DAILY accountability
  • Quarterly in-person TRIBE events
  • A bespoke training plan that can be amended at any time
  • Weekly 1-1 check-ins to assess your progress and to adapt your programme each week as your life changes so no matter what is going on around you you still see results
  • Exclusive FB Community – share your journey with like-minded women all on similar journeys to build an empowering strong support network around you each day
  • Weekly nutrition ideas, guidance and accountability
  • Twice Weekly Group Support Webinars
  • Education around topics like burnout, motivation, confidence, navigating life as a busy modern-day female
  • Daily zoom group calls if you require extra support at any stage

As we don’t do copy-and-paste programmes it’s impossible to give a price without speaking to you as we don’t know the level of coaching you need, your current situation, the support you’ll need and so much more…

It’s a bit like going to a doctor’s office and expecting a prescription without first telling the doctor your symptoms. This is why we do calls with every woman interested in learning more about our coaching so we can get to know more about their life, their goals and where they are at currently so we can give you a step-by-step answer to what a successful coaching plan for YOU would look like.

We work with women ONLY. We have built this platform to empower women only and show them how to reach the BEST version of themselves.

With a 94% success rate, you can expect great results! With such a high success rate is why we confidently offer a money-back guarantee to those women who do the work and don’t see results, I have offered that guarantee to over 200 women so far and haven’t had to refund a single person yet…

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The health first approach

You need a personal trainer?

You need a personal trainer?

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different?